Tony Studio Releases Call of Defense on Facebook

Call of DefenseTony Studio, a two-person team from Montpellier, France, has announced the launch of its tower defense game, Call of Defense, on Facebook. The level-based title sees players defending their base from increasingly challenging enemies, including zombies, skeletons and more. As players complete battles, they’ll earn skill points that can be used to unlock new or stronger abilities on the game’s skill tree.

In each level of Call of Defense, players defend a strategic point on the map using walls, archers, magicians and footmen. Players spend coins to deploy each troop or section of a wall, and will earn more money as they defeat enemies. These coins can also be used to upgrade existing troops or wall segments, which eventually turns troops into one of two specialized units (the player chooses). A standard footman, for instance, can be transformed into a paladin or a barbarian. The paladin hits enemies with magical strikes, while the barbarian attacks everything around him at the same time, instead of focusing on a single enemy.

While enemies will walk down a path during each wave of a level, the orientation of the path can change as players deploy troops or other defenses. That is, the enemy will change its path to target the weakest part of the player’s defenses between each wave.Call of DefenseIn addition to these troops, players also have access to catapults, which shoot at enemies automatically, and can be manually aimed at any area of the map. As players complete levels, they’ll unlock additional magic spells, which they can cast from the game’s hotbar. For instance, the first is a fireball spell, which allows gamers to call down a rain of fire onto an area of their choice.

After each level, players win a free item via a spin-wheel, and can equip these new armor and weapon pieces to their troops to raise their damage rate per second, their actual damage stat and more.

Once players have mastered the game’s maps, they are encouraged to purchase the “full version” of the game (via an in-app purchase) to unlock an expert difficulty level for each stage. In addition, a one-on-one multiplayer mode is also available in this full version, which challenges players to defend their own base while also attacking their opponent’s. The full version unlock is available for $2.99.

Call of Defense is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.