Too Many Ads On Twitter, Facebook Are Overwhelming Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you overwhelmed with the number of ads flying across your computer screen, smartphone and TV? Well, if you think you’re facing advertising fatigue now, prepare yourself: Twitter has just announced that it would be increasing the number of ads you see on your iPhone and Android apps.

But will the move be well received? Consumers are sick of ads, feeling bombarded across their many media. A new infographic explores just how tired we all are of the ads we see on social networks, in our searchers, and whenever we turn our heads.

The Consequences of Digital Ad Bombardment” comes to us from Upstream. The data company polled the online views of 2,054 UK adults aged 18+ in the UK and 2,105 in the USA about their perception of online advertising.

And the figures don’t bode well for Twitter’s increase in mobile ads. Already, 66 percent of adults in the UK and US feel they’re being exposed to too many ads… so a few more on mobile Twitter apps likely won’t be welcomed by these exasperated consumers.

And it gets worse: only 4 percent of respondents said that they prefer seeing ads on their smartphones, while 66 percent said their smartphone was the most unacceptable place to see and ad.

However, all is not lost for Twitter: 15 percent – the second-highest percentage – prefer to see ads in short text bursts like a tweet.

Take a look at the infographic below for more stats about consumers’ attitudes towards online ads (click to enlarge):

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