Top 10 Branded Videos: Air New Zealand Enlists The Hobbit for In-Flight Safety Video, Again

Peter Jackson reminds you to store your electronic devices

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Air New Zealand's quirky "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made" marks the airline’s latest go at enlisting characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth to spoof the stuffy in-flight safety video.

The four-minute video—which grabs the No. 3 spot on this week’s Adweek/VidIQ top branded video chart—follows a pair of Hobbit fans as they are transported into scenes from the trilogy while on an airplane. For example, when one loses a gold ring (similar to the One Ring at the heart of the Lord of the Rings saga), he is instructed to inflate his life vest before bungee jumping off of a bridge to recover it.

Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson make appearances, too. Jackson reminds passengers when "it's time to store all electronic devices" as he sits in an airplane seat at the top of a hill.

Meanwhile, Wood thanks passengers for picking Air New Zealand to fly on. "May your path always be guided by the light of the stars, and may the future bestow upon you all the happiness and adventure our Middle Earth has to offer," Wood says.

Air New Zealand ran a similar Hobbit-themed commercial in 2012. In that ad, the entire experience took place on the plane.

Elsewhere, Beats by Dre’s LeBron Re-Established spot also makes this week’s chart in time for James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Coke's real-life take on mobile gaming and GoPro's latest videos also continue to keep YouTuber viewers' attention.

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