Top 10 Branded Videos: Microsoft’s HoloLens Re-envisions Augmented Reality

Holograms grab online attention

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Microsoft's new HoloLens technology may seem a bit too Minority Report-like for some, but a YouTube video describing how it works built some major buzz in the past week.

Microsoft's debut of HoloLens—its attempt to break into the virtual reality space—set Twitter and the media on fire last week. Attached to all of that chatter was a two-minute video on Microsoft's YouTube page showing how its technology works, nabbing the No. 1 spot on this week's Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded video chart.

Microsoft's technology projects holograms in the real world through a headset. As the video shows, the idea is to add a digital twist to things people do every day—like read the news, work, teach and play. As other virtual reality concepts such as Oculus Rift have shown, marketers will likely be playing a lot with HoloLens.

The Redmond, Wash.-based brand's video has been watched 9.28 million times with more than 63,000 Facebook shares.

The White House also snagged two of this week's videos, including President Barack Obama's interview with popular YouTubers.

Meanwhile, viral-favorite Dove has already accumulated 3.5 million YouTube views for its empowering "Love Your Curls" video that launched last week.

And Beats by Dre's latest music and celeb-heavy ad enlists Seattle Seahwaks cornerback Richard Sherman, who uses the brand's headphones to block out talk radio criticism before this week's Big Game.

Check out all of this week's videos (and their reach) in the interactive infographic below.

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