The Top 10 Most Popular #Football Teams on Twitter

The Top 10 Most Popular #Football Teams on Twitter

Football – or soccer if you’re in North America – has some 3.5 billion fans across the globe, making it far and away the most popular sport in the world.

That popularity has quickly bled into social media. Indeed, football’s adage that it’s “played by millions, and watched by billions” could equally be applied to Twitter, with the top clubs (and athletes) each boasting millions of fans (and tweets). But which teams are faring best?

Real Madrid holds on to the top spot as the most-followed football club on Twitter, with a lead of more than three hundred thousand fans above former number one FC Barcelona.

Arsenal remains the top UK Premier League team, maintaining its position at third place this month, narrowly holding off rival Chelsea. Meanwhile, Selección Mexicana, the official Twitter profile for the Mexican national side, remains the only international squad in the top 10.

The Top 10 Football Teams On Twitter

1. Real Madrid C. F. (@realmadrid, 13,818,379 followers)
2. FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona, 13,473,308)
3. Arsenal FC (@Arsenal, 4,926,979)
4. Chelsea FC (@chelseafc, 4,778,800)
5. Galatasaray SK (@GalatasaraySK, 4,562,103)
6. Manchester United (@ManUtd, 3,924,593)
7. Fenerbahçe SK (@Fenerbahce, 3,727,661)
8. Liverpool FC (@LFC, 3,572,169)
9. Selección Mexicana (@miseleccionmx, 2,746,382)
10. Corinthians (@Corinthians, 2,557,875)

Note: chart includes only the top profile of each team and excludes other-language accounts (i.e., @FCBarcelona_es).

(Football image via Shutterstock.)