This Week on #Twitter: Social Media Evolution, #Instagram > Twitter, Top 14 Social Metrics

This Week on #Twitter: Social Media Evolution, #Instagram > Twitter, Top 14 Social Metrics

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at the evolution of social media (2004-14), news that Instagram is now bigger than Twitter, the top 14 social media metrics tracked by marketers, a new Netflix “Tweet Me a Reminder” button and a visual that covers the latest social media advertising statistics and trends.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. The Evolution of Social Media (2004-14) [INFOGRAPHIC]

While the roots of social media can be found in Friendster and Myspace, it’s probably fair to say that social didn’t really start to change the world until Facebook launched in 2004.

2. With 300 Million Users, #Instagram is Now Bigger Than #Twitter

Today, Instagram announced that it now has 300 million active users. That’s bigger than Twitter.

3. The Top 14 Social Media Metrics Tracked by Marketers

Six in 10 U.S. marketers track hits, visits and page views when evaluating the success of their social media campaigns, reveals a new study.

4. Netflix Testing ‘Tweet Me a Reminder’ Button on Twitter

Twitter is famous for carrying out little experiments on its own platform, some of which go on to become core features. Now, it’s Netflix that’s trying something out on Twitter, and it might be showing up in your timeline soon.

5. Social Media Ad Spending: Statistics & Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media advertising is big business. How big? Total social ad revenue is expected to increase by 194 percent to reach $15 billion by 2018, and more than half of that total will be mobile.

6. Twitter Users More Loyal to Brands Than Facebook Users

Have you ever followed a brand on Twitter or Liked their Page on Facebook?

7. How Accurate Were 2014’s Social Marketing Predictions? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pundits love to make big predictions for the year to come, and those working in the world of social media marketing are certainly no exception. So, how did well did they do with their forecasts in 2014?

8. Dark Social Sharing is Bigger Than #Facebook and #Twitter Combined

Have you ever copied a link from a website and forwarded it on to a friend via email or text message? More than nine in ten of us have. Indeed, this “dark social sharing” is so commonplace that it dwarfs sharing on Facebook and Twitter… combined.

9. How to Drive Traffic With #Twitter Cards (In 4 Easy Steps) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since their inception back in 2012, Twitter Cards have proven themselves to be a very effective way for brands and marketers to offer a richer experience to users on Twitter, driving more traffic, leads and conversions.

10. Social Media, Mobile Growing in Importance for Business Elite Worldwide, Says Study

Half of business executives worldwide consider social networks as a key source for information, with significant growth seen in business use of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter over the past two years, reveals a new study.

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