This Week on #Twitter: 10 Secret Twitter Hacks, Twitter Followers on Bing, Social Media Job Mistakes

This Week on #Twitter: 10 Secret Twitter Hacks, Twitter Followers on Bing, Social Media Job Mistakes

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We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes 10 secret Twitter tips, tricks and hacks (that you probably don’t know), news that Bing searches are now showing brand Twitter followers in ads, 6 social media mistakes that might be costing you a job, a look at how recruiters are using social networks plus the latest key statistics, facts and figures for Twitter and Facebook.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. 10 Secret #Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don’t Know)

So you think you know everything about Twitter? I thought I did, too. Then I discovered this amazing, secret Twitter hack. Then another one! It was like being part of a club for years and then finding out that there’s a hidden, inner part of the club that’s only for very special members.

2. Bing Searches Now Show Brand Twitter Followers in Ads

If you use Bing to search for things that you want to buy, you might be in for a surprise – the follower counts of the brands showing ads related to your search.

3. 6 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You a Job

Earlier today we looked a new study from Jobvite, which found that 73 percent of recruiters plan to increase their investment in social media. The survey also revealed another interesting tidbit: 93 percent of recruiters review a candidate’s social media accounts being a hiring decision, with 61 percent reconsidering an applicant because of something negative on their profile.

4. 73% of Recruiters Spending More On Social Networks [STUDY]

Seven in 10 recruiters expect competition to increase in 2015 – accordingly, almost three-quarters (73 percent) plan to invest more in recruitment via social media, which has revolutionised the way that the industry works.

5. Twitter vs Facebook: Key Statistics, Facts & Figures [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re a regular reader of AllTwitter (thank you!) you probably know that Twitter has 271 million monthly active users. Not bad. But, impressive as that number is, it’s only about one-fifth of the size of its great rival, Facebook, which boasts an eye-popping 1,371 million users.

6. Twitter Partners With Bank to Offer Money Transfers via Tweets

Twitter has teamed up with one of France’s leading banks to offer a way to transfer money via a tweet.

7. 44% of Millennials use Facebook, Twitter for Travel Plans [STUDY]

When planning a trip or holiday, do you ever turn to Facebook or Twitter for research and advice?

8. 48% of Marketers Using Social Media for Retargeting, Planning to Spend More [STUDY]

Almost nine in 10 U.S. marketers use retargeting as part of their digital advertising strategy, and 56 percent of those currently abstaining plan to get involved in the next 12 months, reveals a new study.

9. The Good and the Bad of Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has revolutionised digital marketing for brands of all shapes and sizes across almost every corner of the globe, but it’s not without its pitfalls – or naysayers.

10. CEOs: Twitter is the Most Overvalued Tech Company [STUDY]

Twitter has 271 million active users, but quarterly revenues of just a few hundred million dollars. Despite the latter it boasts a market capitalisation in the tens of billions. So, is Twitter overvalued? Yes, says a new study – and they’ve asked the people who should know.

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