Top 10 Web Video Series: Apple Bendgate Test Goes Viral

IPhone 6 curves under pressure

After reports that the iPhone 6 Plus was warping due to the pressure applied when the phablet was placed in the front pocket of tight pants, Unbox Therapy put the device to the ultimate bend test. Using just his brute human strength, host Lewis Hilsenteger was able to easily contort the in-demand smartphone. He also followed up with a bend test for the Galaxy Note 3, which didn't flex under his power. The clips have been viewed 50.2 million and 6.7 million times, respectively, since they were uploaded on Sept. 23.

We're also enjoying Smarter Every Day’s Tattooing Close Up (in Slow Motion) video, which shows the mechanics behind getting some ink—and why it's so painful to get those permanent memories. Basically, the process involves getting stabbed thousands of times with tiny needles that penetrate the skin and deposit pigment below the surface. Although the comments have turned into a debate on whether or not people should get tattoos, the in-depth look at the process has received an overwhelming number of thumbs up.

Here's the rest of this week's top 10, brought to you by VidIQ:

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