Top 10 Web Video Series: Awkward Bridesmaid Photos Get The Buzzfeed Treatment

Not-so-photogenic moments draws an audience online

Being a bridesmaid is never a shining moment for the brave women who have to deal with the wedding day drama and the (usually) ridiculous matching outfits.

Unfortunately, there's always photographic proof of the not-so memorable day, so Buzzfeed teamed up with Awkward Family Photos to showcase some of the worst bridesmaids pictures. While the memories may be humiliating, it seems that people love reliving them.

On another front, Barcroft TV scored a viral hit with a clip of a Great White shark attacking another Great White shark. The Jaws-on-Jaws action has been viewed 5.7 million times since it was uploaded on Sept. 30.

Another interesting video that's still insanely popular is the Fat Girl Tinder Date (social experiment) from Simple Pickup. The web video producers created a fake Tinder profile featuring an attractive blonde girl. But, when the date was scheduled, the woman who showed up was quite heavier than her photo suggested. Watch the clip to figure out how many men decided to give her a chance; then, check out the second video in which the tables are turned, and women find out their date is a heavy-set man.

Here's the rest of this week's top 10, brought to you by VidIQ:

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