Top 20 Free eBook Apps Of The Week

iBooks continues to lead as the most popular free app in the Apple App Store this week, according to Apple. Kindle is the second most popular free book app in iTunes. Barnes & Noble and Disney Comics both rejoin the list this week.

Explore these 20 free apps and find out what kind of literary apps succeed in this crowded marketplace. We spotlight the top grossing book apps, the top paid Android books apps and the most popular free apps every week.

Below, we’ve listed the top free iOS apps of the week–linking to iTunes so that you can check out the apps.

20 Top Free Apps (Books Genre)

Wednesday February 22nd

1. iBooks

2. Kindle

3. Audible

4. Weird Facts 1000

5. Sex-Facts 500

6. Bible+

7. Books- 23,469 classics to go

8. Audiobooks

9. Love Quotes 500


11. Wattpad

12. Dirty Sex Jokes

13. Barnes & Noble

14. Marvel Comics

15. Google Books

16. Comics

17. Disney Comics

18. Sex Secrets

19. 100+ Horror Stories

20. Kobo

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