Top Gear Extreme Parking Races onto Mobile

Top Gear Extreme ParkingBBC Worldwide has announced the launch of Top Gear Extreme Parking on mobile devices. Co-produced by Play With Friends, the game challenges players to get behind the wheel of a series of cars from the Top Gear television show, like James’ “Rozzers” Saloon and Jezza’s Italian “Polizia” Coupe. Gamers then take those cars through a series of missions set within obstacle courses.

Players begin Top Gear Extreme Parking with a single vehicle, the Indestructible Pickup, and will unlock additional vehicles by collecting stars during missions. Cars can also be unlocked early via in-app purchase.

While driving, players use arrow buttons to steer, pedal buttons for braking and accelerating, and a gear shift for switching between forward and reverse. Users can also move the camera with a separate menu in the corner of the screen.

In each of the game’s Precision mode obstacle courses, the goal is to navigate an obstacle course as quickly and as precisely as possible, safely parking the vehicle in the highlighted space at the end of the challenge. If players crash even a single time, they’ll need to start the track over from the beginning.Top Gear Extreme Parking 2For those looking for something more extreme, the game’s Destruction Mode asks players to intentionally crash through items in each environment, with the goal of causing enough damage to fill a bar before running out of time. Finally, players can chase the legend, “The Stig,” in the game’s Racing Mode.

Players earn up to three stars on each mission, depending on their completion speed. If players fail to complete a mission (or fail to earn all three stars), they can try each mission again until they succeed.

If even retrying doesn’t seem to work, additional in-app purchases allow users to unlock difficulty tweaks. A Granny Mode, for instance, lets users drive smaller cars and gives them more time to complete timed missions. Meanwhile, an Invincible Mode allows users to crash without failing missions, while also receiving more time to pass each level. Finally, Relaxed Mode unlocks one free time rewind boost per level, while also including additional time to complete each mission.

Top Gear Extreme Parking is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.