Top PR Personalities Share Their 2015 #PRWishes

Check out the full infographic and tweet your wishes for 2015

Do you have your 2015 planned out to the day? How many boxes on your “next year’s goals” list have you already checked off?

Earlier this week, Marketwired gathered a few of our favorite PR “influencers” to talk, in a mostly serious way, about the year ahead. Some of our favorite quotes below.

From Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks:

“It’s time to take a stand, do proper PR for ourselves, and show the world that we are not liars or spin doctors.”

From measurement master Shonali Burke:

“[Measurement] doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it will help you figure out which initiatives are strategic and which are ‘ooh, squirrel!'”

From author Peter Shankman:

“Why am I still getting pitches from a particular company that makes duck calls? WHY?!”

The best tip, from a media relations perspective, comes via Michael Smart:

“Take time to interact with journalists and bloggers before you pitch them ideas. Go beyond thanking them and complimenting them.”

We can’t +1 that suggestion enough times.

The suggested #PRWishes tag hasn’t quite taken off yet, so we encourage our readers to tweet their own additions: what sort of things would you like to change in 2015? How do you hope the PR discipline evolves in the eleven and a half months ahead?

Here’s the full infographic:


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