Toshiba to Ship Txtr App on Their Android Tablets

Toshiba and txtr announced today that txtr’s versatile and innovative reading app will soon be shipping on Toshiba’s tablets. Txtr is also going to provide the eBookstore content for Toshiba’s digital media platform, Toshiba Places.

The app will be rebranded as the new txtr “Toshiba Places edition”. Readers will be able to buy from a catalog of over 400 thousand eBooks, as well as download any one of more than two million free titles. Localized versions of the eBook service will be launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands. A generic international version of the service will be available in the rest of Europe.

Thomas Leliveld, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of txtr said: “txtr was able to offer all elements of an eReading solution to Toshiba and have it up and running across Europe in only a couple of months. Providing marketing support and platform management on a local basis is one thing; managing the territorial rights, invoicing and the IT required on a multi-country basis is a different ball game. Our catalogue is structured completely in line with local rights and we cooperate closely with local and international publishers.”