Choking on a Pair of Runaway Production Love Letters

With the unemployment situation in LA still grim and much of the county’s once spectacular film production activity having migrated elsewhere, it’s easy to find today’s expletive. Thanks to a pair of Great White North newspaper articles, the runaway words du jour mirror that old South Park standby, “Blame Canada!”

Vancouver Sun film critic Katherine Monk frames the current bonanza of Wolverine, Superman and Mission: Impossible 4 within ten benchmark moments in the evolution of her backyard “Hollywood North.” For his part, Toronto Star reporter Tony Wong suggests that the most expensive movie ever filmed in Hogtown may well have saved the area’s faltering location-shoot biz this summer:

From the money that Colin Farrell has dropped at yoga classes, to Jessica Biel’s penchant for fine dining in the city with on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Timberlake, the production, directly and indirectly, has had an enormous impact…

“This has been a total game changer,” says Paul Bronfman, chair of Pinewood Toronto Studios, in an interview. “We have come through some dark days to get here.” Because of Total Recall, the city is on track to hit close to a billion dollars in production value this year, a record.

The fact that a California Governor who starred in the original version of Total Recall could not figure out a way to incentivize a Golden State production of its remake ranks as perhaps the apex of how foolishly the whole issue has been handled. And by all indications, what we have lost will not be back, even with the Canadian dollar now basically trading at-par.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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