Tribune Publishing’s Press Release About ‘Tronc’ Is Hilariously Bad

Good times!

You’ve probably read that Tribune Publishing has rebranded itself as “Tronc” and laughed and laughed. Well, we have good news for you, because the press release that announced this move was even worse than the new name itself. Let’s review!

The Company will change its name to Tronc, Inc., a content curation and monetization company

Isn’t the purpose of every company monetization?

Tronc, or tribune online content, captures the essence of the Company’s mission.

The Tronc lives on the information superhighway!

Our transformation strategy is focused on leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the user experience and better monetize our world-class content in order to deliver personalized content to our 60 million monthly users

Wait. Artificial intelligence? Is Tronc building robots? What the hell are they talking about?

The Company also plans to launch, a visual content portal that will curate tronc’s premium content across all of its award-winning brands in one convenient place. 

A simpler way of saying “visual content portal” is “website.”

Good luck, Tronc. You’re going to need it.