Trivia Crack X Lets You Create Trivia to Share on Social Media

The app allows users to create and share trivia questions with their friends.

Trivia Crack creator Etermax announced the release of Trivia Crack X on iOS and Android. The application allows users to create and share trivia questions with their friends.

With Trivia Crack X, users can create real or “fun” trivia questions to share on social media. That is, users can test their friends’ knowledge by asking them real questions, or they can create “fun” questions such as, “Who has the cutest dog?,” or, “Who is the worst cook from the group?,” as examples.

Trivia Crack X

To create a question, a user must first add a picture or video to the question by importing it from their device, or by taking a new picture or video within the app. From there, they can type their question and four possible answers, or they can select “auto-fill” to allow the app to fill in the question and answers with random content.

Once a user has created a question, they can share an animated video of the question, which gives viewers a few seconds to mentally guess the correct response, or they can share a static picture of the question with the answer highlighted.

Trivia Crack X allows users to share questions to Facebook and Twitter from within the app, and users can also save pictures and videos to their devices to share elsewhere.

In a statement, Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of Etermax, commented:

We already know Trivia Crack users love to share their achievements and successes, but we also have a huge community of more than 1.5 million authors who suggest questions on a daily basis. With Trivia Crack X, people can have fun generating personalized trivia with images or video and share them with friends.

Trivia Crack X is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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