True Crime Author Shanna Hogan Continues to Defy Expectations

No Gothic, all-black look for the Phoenix-based writer.

Nice piece in Arizona State University’s State Press by journalism student Jacqueline Bradford. For a profile of Shanna Hogan (pictured), an adjunct professor at the Cronkite School and bestselling true crime non-fiction author, she seized upon a lively strand.

Here’s Bradford’s lede:

“People say to me all the time ‘you don’t seem like you would write true crime’, and they expect me to be Gothic, and wear all black,” true crime author Shanna Hogan giggled.

A notion she pursues a little further into the feature:

Hogan said readers are always shocked after they meet her. “I have a super positive and a kind of bubbly personality,” she said.

The details of how Hogan got herself going with Dancing With Death, her 2011 debut, are at once inspiring and incredible. Bradford also got a nice quote from one of the author’s earlier Cronkite School teachers.

Hogan’s other books are Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story and The Stranger She Loved, released this spring.

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