Trump: ‘My Tough Immigration Policies Would’ve Prevented 9/11’

Too bad his policies were being kept a secret during 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'

As we continue to monitor the longest circus ever to pitch a tent in Washington D.C., Donald Trump may have outdone himself with his most recent TV appearance.

Sunday morning, Trump showed up on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace — the first time the two have spoken since the initial GOP presidential debate. Whether anyone at NewsCorp. believes Trump would make a valid leader of these United States remains to be seen; however, they are convinced the Trump trail of tears is a ratings bonanza.

And, as long he keeps telling America what he said on Sunday, ad rates are going to skyrocket in 2016.

“I am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration,” Trump told “Fox News Sunday.” “I believe that if I were running things,  … I doubt that those people would have been in the country.”

TV LOOKOUT‘Those people’ would be the 19 hijackers of four airliners on the fateful day of Sept. 11, 2001. Yes, Donald Trump believes he could have prevented 9/11.

Take it away, Donnie:

“Jeb said ‘we were safe with my brother.’ ‘We were safe.’ Well, the World Trade Center just fell down,” Trump continued. “Now, am I trying to blame him? I’m not blaming anybody. But the World Trade Center came down. So when he said, ‘we were safe’ — that’s not safe. We lost 3,000 people.”

Some of the finest security measures are taken to protect this country. National bureaus provide countless areas of investigation to ensure our safety. Yet, that still happened.

But this guy thinks he could have shielded us from all that because of the Great Wall of Trump!?

“So there’s a good chance that those people would not have been in our country,” Trump continued. “With that being said, I’m not blaming George Bush, but I don’t want Jeb Bush to say my brother kept us safe because September 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country.”

To wit, Jeb did this…and probably stamped his ticket for retirement in Florida sometime early next year.

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