Tsū Wants to Be the ‘Most Socially Responsible Social Network’

Tsū is a new social network that focuses on compensating creators and helping charities fundraise, all within its payment platform.


Monetizing your social media content is one thing. But did you ever think that the baby pictures you’re posting are worth something? They are, according to CEO and founder of tsū , Sebastian Sobczak. Why shouldn’t they be?

Tsū  is a social network with a payment platform built into it. Your content is valued around social media through the platforms algorithm and you can actually make money. You can “take it home or use it on the platform.” says Sobczak. They launched in late October but already have over one million users on the site. And they’re helping really solid charities fund their projects.

In a statement, they write that:

tsū aims to be one of the most progressive and socially responsible social networks, as dozens of charities and nonprofits active on the network are continually receiving funds from the content they produce, the social networks they connect to tsū and donations made by the tsū community. Charitable organizations on tsū include BeautifulGoal.Org, The Goss-Michael Foundation, Environmental Media Association, Feed The Children, Food for the Hungry, the Andy Roddick Foundation, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and No More Tears. In observance of World AIDS Day on December 1, tsū launched a one-day campaign for DIFFADallas, one of the largest non-profit organizations working to fight HIV and AIDS.

Charity: Water was a user on the platform with a mission to provide clean water via wells to Ethiopia. The tsu community set out to rasie $3,000 for some wells. Instead, they raised much, much more, with a major bank taking notice and matching the crowdfund for a total of $18,000, which will go to three water wells. No one opened their wallet or their credit card — it was just shifting around the royalties among users. Sobczak sees that valuing content and donating to causes is the next major shift in digital thinking. He told me over the phone that:

The Charity: Water thing we did shows people this new philosophy that literally your baby photos are worth something, even if it’s pocket change. You can help build something like a well that affects the lives of real babies. En masse, if we all chipped in 25 cents or a dollar through the value of our content, [we could] collaborate and move onto the next initiative. That’s what we’re doing going forward. You can take them home or use them on the platform.

Right now, it’s invite only, so you’ll have to petition for an invite. In a way, this exclusivity is vital to its mission of making sure its users are compensated and ensuring that there’s valuable content on the platform. Already, tsū creators include musicians, street artists, brands, charities and just regular people who get that content is currency. If you know one, hit them up for an invite.