Tucker Carlson Declares Ben Smith DNC ‘Mouthpiece’

Things are getting strained again in the polluted airspace between The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith. Let’s just say getting them in a room and locking the door could be quite entertaining. You guys free for dinner?

Late Wednesday afternoon, Smith drew the ire of The Daily Caller by printing a story about Matthew Boyle’s exchanges with DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse. The story claimed that Boyle “threatened” Woodhouse, and revealed an exchange in which Boyle said what he would write on DNC Chairmwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and AG Eric Holder if he didn’t respond to his questions pertaining to “Fast and Furious” scandal. The damning quote: “I’m giving you until 10 am tomorrow to answer this question, then I’m reporting Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not supporting Holder,” Boyle wrote Woodhouse.

Woodhouse, in turn, went to BuzzFeed and spilled the details of the exchange. He called Boyle’s behavior “blackmail” and said Wasserman Schultz adamantly supports Holder. He chose not to respond to Boyle — Smith called this “not an unusual practice” in regards to an organization with an opposing agenda.

“It’s no surprise that a left wing hack like Ben Smith is, once again, being used as a mouthpiece by the DNC,” Carlson told FishbowlDC last night.

Smith declined to comment.

Boyle did not return an email full of questions, so we passed them along to the publication’s publicist Nicole Roeberg, but not without at least trying to smoke him out with this tweet: “Sent you questions. If I don’t hear back from you by 8 p.m. I’m going to write that you plan to t.p. Brad Woodhouse’s home.” To which Boyle replied, “lol.”

Roeberg, however, did respond.  We asked if she thought the story was fair, what she makes of Woodhouse going to Buzzfeed with this and does she consider what Boyle said to DNC to be a threat?

She replied, “I don’t consider Matthew’s email to be a threat (or blackmail, as Woodhouse called it).  Matthew was simply letting him know that tomorrow morning, he would be writing a story that said the DNC would provide no verbal support of Holder, unless he had reason to report something different.  Matthew has written several stories on the topic and emailed literally hundreds of spokespeople the exact same question with similar timelines.  Many have answered it, many haven’t, only one chose to turn to the media to try and deflect the story and change the subject.”

Ben and Tucker? The dinner offer stands.