Bud Knight Returns for Tide; Gen Z Likes Retail Stores: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, go inside the world of product placement

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Tide’s 4-Week ‘Laundry Night’ Campaign Wraps Up With a Bud Knight Tie-in

Tide isn’t afraid to take a risk. After the 2018 Super Bowl featured the laundry detergent hijacking the game, the brand is back with another out of left field spot—a spot that makes zero reference to the brand. Its four-week “Laundry Night” campaign, which featured spots during Sunday Night Football, The Voice and other NBC shows, ended with another collaboration with Bud Light.

But in this partnership, the spot features a revived Bud Knight facing a situation worse than death: being abandoned by your friends for an even bigger, better Bud Knight.

Watch more: See the spot and marvel at the swagger of making an ad that doesn’t reference your brand.

FCB Shakes Up Leadership

FCB is consolidating its leadership in North America under a single CEO in order to make collaboration more effective across its many offices. That means Tyler Turnbull will now serve as North America CEO for FCB while Michael Fassnacht, CEO for FCB Chicago, will be stepping down from that position after leading the office for nearly a decade.

Read more: FCB explained to Adweek the strategy behind the moves.

As Viewers Go Ad-Free, Streaming Services Adapt With Product Placements

Television product placement was a $7.15 billion business in 2018. With Netflix and other ad-free platforms claiming more eyeballs on a daily basis, brands need a new entry point into viewers’ homes. Enter that billion-dollar industry.

Read more: Streaming editor Kelsey Sutton goes inside how Hulu, Netflix and Viacom work with brands to showcase their products in some of your favorite shows.

Why Younger Consumers Are Flocking to Retail Locations

Retail is struggling, but there’s some good news: Millennials and Gen Z really like shopping in stores. But there’s a but. They want good in-store experiences filled with personal shopping assistants, entertainment, dining options and more. Brands that are meeting those needs are setting themselves up for success to capture the next generation of shoppers.

Read more: Learn about the habits of millennial and Gen Z shoppers and what exactly they’re looking for in retail stores.

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Ad of the Day: Skateboard Legend Stacy Peralta Directs Gorgeous Yeti Ads About Life’s Unexpected Paths

Stacy Peralta played a key role in skateboarding’s explosion into pop culture in the 1980s by recruiting the likes of Tony Hawk onto his company’s legendary competitive team.

But much like the stars of Yeti’s newest ads, directed by Peralta, his life took some unexpected turns as he followed his passion for storytelling. Today he’s one of the best filmmakers in advertising, and we caught up with him to learn more about his newest campaign and philosophy on how brands can connect with consumers.

How to Make Your Marketing More Genuine During Hispanic Heritage Month

Jorge Plasencia, co-founder, chairman and CEO, Republica Havas

As one of the youngest and fastest-growing demographics in the U.S., brands really need to be authentic with their marketing strategies. Hispanic marketing cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. A recent report from Nielsen, La Oportunidad Latinx, Cultural Currency and the Consumer Journey points out that if brands are not attuned to Latinx values and habits, they risk missing out on this powerful market, which is reshaping the U.S. mainstream.

Danny Hernandez, director of communications and pr, Forsman & Bodenfors New York

Ultimately, marketers need to realize their picture of a Latinx person is often narrow-minded and unrealistic. If they want to tap into this rich and diverse demographic—the right way—it’s time to not only hire diverse professionals, but more importantly, expand the depictions they present to be far more inclusive and reflective of the rich community and history they come from.

Mike Valdes-Fauli, president and CEO, Pinta

Hispanic Heritage Month is a mixed bag. On the positive side, it’s a moment to pay respect to this burgeoning demographic that can no longer be ignored. Any time a group is honored, that’s a good thing. However, it’s a slippery slope for this to become a purely commercial pursuit, laden with offensive stereotypes from brands that only pop in on Sept. 15 every year. No more piñatas and Mexican burros! The trick is to lead with insights instead, and demonstrate a commitment to the community year round. If you do that, it’s not just a CSR program…it’s a recipe for major revenue streams from a loyal demographic.