Tumblr Begins Rolling Out Group Chats on Its Mobile Apps

Messages cannot be edited and vanish after 24 hours

Tumblr's new group chat feature Tumblr
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Group chats are coming to Tumblr, alongside the dashboard in its mobile applications.

Tumblr said in a blog post that the feature is slowly rolling out to all users of its mobile apps, and those who have access to it will see a group chat icon in the upper-right-hand corner.

Tapping that icon will bring up a list of group chats the user joined or created, as well as pending invites and join requests. This can also be accessed by swiping left from the dashboard.

To create a group chat, Tumblr users can tap the plus sign button in the top-right corner of the group chat page, at which point they can name the group chat, add a header picture, pick a color and add tags so people can find it.

Tumblr users can run up to five group chats simultaneously, but there is no limit on how many they can participate in.

Group chats can also be discovered via Tumblr’s search function, and users can request to join any that attract their interest.

Messages disappear after 24 hours, and once they are sent, they cannot be edited.

While the creator of a group chat is the only one who can invite people to participate, all group chats and their messages are public and can be viewed by anyone on Tumblr.

Group chats can have up to 100 participants, including the owner.

Tumblr said group chats may be moderated or monitored by is employees, and violations of the platform’s hate speech policy or other parts of its community guidelines are prohibited.

The company said in its blog post, “Creators of a group chat are the sole owners of that group chat, and it is their responsibility to keep it a friendly and welcoming space. Owners can remove any individual or a specific message they see fit by tapping the avatar of the member in question and removing them from the group chat. Removing someone is a permanent action, and the removed participants will not be able to join again.”

Tumblr added that because group chats are publicly viewable, anyone can report violations, whether or not they are part of the chat

The company wrote, “People on Tumblr are a lot of things. You’re passionate. You’re activists. You’re caring, funny, a little bit weird (OK, really weird), you’re eloquent, you’re smart … You’re Tumblr. Without you, this platform would just be an empty blue space. No thanks, bud. We wanted to give you a place to have those passionate, caring, funny, weird, smart conversations in real-time with people you actually want to converse with. Enter group chats.”

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