Tumblr Helps Feed Starving Artists and Portly Advertisers

Get ready for more tumblr influencers

tumblrDid you know Tumblr is still a thing?

It is, and it’s actually effective when used well by the big brands (e.g., note here, here, and here — names withheld to protect the litigious). In fact, 217 million blogs among 400 million users is nothing to ignore, though many folks have been doing just that.

The brand purchased by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion has found a way to earn some brand loyalty among one key demographic. No, it’s not the sacred 25-54 demo. And it’s not the broad millennial sect either.

It is freelancing artists. (Trust us, you’ll dig it if you’re in to this sort of thing.)

Tumblr has officially looked deep within its binary soul and realized many of its users are jazzy skateboard punks with serious GIF skills or hipster trolls with too much body hair who surf the net for 15 hours daily and occasionally do something worth watching. In short, there is some sweet, shareable @#$% on Tumblr.

Ergo, an idea was born with Creatrs.

According to its own blog: “Creatrs is Tumblr’s new initiative to empower emerging creatives. It’ll be here very soon.”

Consider it crowdsourcing for a dedicated (and often freelance) group of artists who have mastered the medium. The brand wants to play Tinder for some up-and-coming brands such as AT&T, Gap, Olay, and Universal Pictures:

“We think the creative class is really the next generation that’s going to come up and change the world,” says Tumblr Head of Creative Strategy David Hayes, “and we think we have the largest creative class of any platform.”

This is great PR for Tumblr because the company has figured out how to monetize itself by using what it already provides for free — talent, skill, and a skosh of dark humor. YouTube does it, and those guys get to interview the President now. Tumblr at least has mostly original stuff that you won’t feel bad for sharing. More self-congratulatory language:

“We’re super super proud of the fact that Tumblr powers the world’s best content. The idea that Tumblr will power the best advertising campaigns on Tumblr and on Facebook an on Instagram and on YouTube and on display banner campaigns and their websites, it totally makes sense to us. Coming up with a structure that allowed us to do that took a little bit of time.”

Now, ask yourself…do you want to dust off that Tumblr blog you created in 2010?