Tumblr Introduces Auto-play Video Ads

Tumblr is rolling out its first video ads, giving advertisers the option to automatically play them.

Tumblr is rolling out the first of its video ads today, reports AdAge. The company has a group of 11 brands to test out the ads before opening them up to all advertisers. Among the first to try them out are Hulu, JCPenny and Universal Pictures.

The new ads are showing up in users’ dashboards about a week after Tumblr updated its video player to include auto-playing, looping and Vine/Instagram embeds.

While users are known to grumble about auto-play ads, AdAge cites Facebook’s success in using the feature. Brands are choosing Facebook video over YouTube thanks to increased engagement rates:

Tumblr does appear to be taking a page from Facebook’s playbook as it angles to become a higher profile digital video destination among audiences and advertisers. Like Facebook, Tumblr has been able to boost the popularity of video on its site. The growth in video uploads to Tumblr now doubles photo uploads, the social network claimed. Also like Facebook, Tumblr and and its parent company have been trying to get YouTube’s top talent to post videos on their properties. And now, again like Facebook, Tumblr has enabled autoplay for its videos.

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