The Comfort of Turner Classic Movies

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter pays a visit to his cross-town neighbors.

TCMLogoAtlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Bo Emerson didn’t have too far to go for a recent piece. A mere 12 miles separate the offices of his newspaper from the headquarters of Turner Classic Movies.

Emerson’s article contains joyful holiday-season reminders of why, for us old movie fans, TCM is such a treasure. When he visited, Ben Mankiewicz’s in-studio guest was director Amy Heckerling, talking about Federico Fellini and the masterpiece 8 1/2:

“I think it’s the most brilliant film ever made about creativity,” Heckerling says of the 1963 Fellini film. “He touches on every aspect of it, your upbringing, your parents, your religion, the people you have the hots for. There’s the inner child who wants to play and there’s the critic. And you have to balance them, too, or you’ll either never make anything, or you’ll make a (expletive) load of crap. Can I say that on television?”

Yes, in fact, you can, Mankiewicz reassures her.

These freewheeling conversations, and the uncut, uninterrupted movies that go with them, are the elements that make Atlanta-based TCM a fond cable-channel destination for a devoted audience.

Another clever thing TCM has done is engage various folks to live-tweet many of their classic films. Read the rest of article here.

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