Tweet Now For A Chance To See “The Hunger Games” Before Anyone Else

There’s a lot of buzz right now about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, and if you’re as eager as half the country seems to be to see this dystopian fantasy flick, you’re in luck: you’ve got a chance to bring an early pre-screening of the movie to your home town with the power of a tweet.

Lionsgate is holding a contest for Hunger Games fans who want to see the film before anyone else.

The film company is asking fans to tweet their city’s hashtag to “impress the sponsors” (which fans of the book will no doubt get a kick out of), and the top four cities with the most tweets will be unlocked – and if their city is unlocked, Twitter users can subsequently tweet to win their tickets.

Each of the 24 competing cities – or districts – has a unique hashtag, such as “#hungergames24SF” for San Francisco and “#hungergames24MIA” for Miami.

You can visit to view the details of the contest and the map of the cities eligible for advanced screenings.

Starting today, the top four cities with the most tweets will be announced each day, and fans will have the chance to tweet for their advanced tickets.

The contest has a nice parallel to the Hunger Games book and upcoming movie. Lionsgate has asked 12 sponsors, including Yahoo!, iVillage and to support the 24 districts (read: major US cities), unlocking the top 4 each day with the most active tributes (read: Twitter users).