TweetFace is a More Powerful Way to Update Facebook from Twitter

A new application linking Twitter and Facebook through Facebook Connect gives users more control over which Tweets show up on their Facebook page. Like Selective Twitter Status, TweetFace lets Twitter users filter which updates change their Facebook status. However, TweetFace has a few extra options beyond those offered by Selective Twitter which give users even further control over how their Tweets are presented on Facebook.

TweetFace separates itself from similar applications by giving Twitter users the power to post links from Tweets to the Facebook wall as wall attachments. Links to videos, articles, and photos will now be visible to your Facebook friends and show up in their stream, just like if you had shared them inside Facebook.

You also have the ability to ignore @replies, which can quickly clog up both Twitter and your Facebook wall, and TweetFace also changes @mentions to their real names so your Facebook friends don’t have to be loyal Twitter followers to know who you’re talking to.

Getting started with TweetFace is as simple as any other app using Facebook Connect. You’ll want to make sure all other applications connecting Twitter and Facebook are disabled, or you’ll get overlap that will nullify the advantages of TweetFace. Check the boxes that apply to the features you want, and you’re good to go.

There’s also an option to keep tabs on links you post to Facebook using the tracking tool. However, you’ll have to get in on the “super-secret alpha” to start using this now.