Twitter Roars Past 14 Million U.S. Users

Twitter has been on fire for the past few months and it doesn’t appear to be cooling anytime soon. According to the latest statistics, Twitter has surpassed 14 million users, up over 76.8 percent since last month when we wrote that they had surpassed 8 million users. Is it nipping at the heels of Facebook? Not at all! Facebook also had a huge month and surpassed 90 million U.S. users according to

Both companies continue to experience phenomenal growth but Twitter is almost doubling on a monthly basis at this point which is truly a record breaking pace. Last month I estimated that Twitter would end the year with around 50 million active users. That is now more than realistic and while traffic isn’t equal to registered users, there is a strong correlation between the two statistics.

Twitter has also become the Facebook of 2009 in terms of media coverage. The two sites have been getting almost equal coverage according to some sources. The enormous coverage has had a clear impact, resulting in phenomenal growth. If the coverage and growth stays at this rate, Twitter could soon close in on MySpace’s domestic reach which would be incredible for a company which is just over 3 years old.

So what does the future hold for Twitter? Most likely phenomenal growth and continued media hype. At this point it appears that Facebook has no chance of defeating the micro-blogging service and considering that celebrities continue to flock to Twitter in droves, Facebook may soon face their own uphill battle in attracting active celebrities to their site.

Regardless of how the Twitter versus Facebook battle pans out, one thing is clear: Twitter is not slowing down anytime soon.

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