As Google And Twitter Part Ways, Twitter’s Promoted Trends Start Appearing In Bing

Since Twitter and Google ended their search relationship in July, there has been some speculation about how Twitter would bounce back after enjoying such search prominence.

And now Search Engine Land has spotted what is likely Twitter’s next big search move: Trending Topics are now appearing in Bing search results.

It was a big deal for Twitter to appear in Google search results prior to last summer. Google had a “real time” section where it displayed tweets, blog post and other social media for whichever search term the user entered. Tweets also appeared interspersed in regular Google search – but since the relationship between Twitter and Google went sour, Twitter’s prominence as a social search tool was thrown into question.

However, at the time of the departure from Google, Twitter extended its deal with Bing. And it looks like this deal has just been amplified.

Search Engine Land has snagged a screenshot of a Trending Topic appearing in a Bing search, as you can see below:

The search was for “Pepsi Next”, a popular search term at the time. It resulted in displaying a trending article from AdAge that featured a “Trending” button in grey beneath the search result, and it shows how many shares that article received on Twitter.

Search Engine Land asks an important question about this quietly-rolled out feature: “Will highly shared links have a shortcut to the top results?” How much impact social sharing like retweets have on search engine results is an interesting question, and one that will likely be answered in the next few years as social and search merge.

The appearance of a Trending Topic in a Bing search result bodes well for Twitter as it positions itself as an essential breaking news source. And it really begs the question of how valuable Google’s search results are, as they continue to cut the cord with Twitter and other social networks to focus on Google+ only.

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