Twitter Case Allowed To Proceed

A motion by Noah Kravitz to dismiss the case against him by Phonedog was denied this week, reports ReadWriteWeb.

As a reminder, Kravitz, a former employee of PhoneDog, changed his Twitter handle when he quit the company but kept the 17,000 followers he’d amassed.

According to Kravitz, this agreement was fine with PhoneDog for eight months, and then he sued them for back pay. In his mind, this is simply a retaliation lawsuit.

However, other social media analysts are saying that taking your Twitter followers with you when you leave a company is the modern equivalent of grabbing your Rolodex on the way out.

Without the agreement in writing, Kravitz may have a rough time ahead of him. But Kravitz’s lawyer said of the denied motion to dismiss: “”The Court’s decision … means that PhoneDog has met the minimum requirements to survive a motion seeking to throw PhoneDog’s claims out of court, but it was not a decision as to whether or not PhoneDog is entitled to the relief it seeks. Ultimately PhoneDog will be unable to prove its allegations against Mr. Kravitz, and Mr. Kravitz will prevail.”

A hearing is set for later this year.

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