Twitter CEO’s Family Trust Has Now Sold All of Their #Twitter Stock

Twitter CEO’s Family Trust Has Now Sold All Of Their Twitter Stock

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s family trust began unloading their Twitter stock last month, selling 283,460 shares in two separate transactions on November 3rd and November 17th.

On December 5th they sold another 141,730 shares, reducing their investment in Twitter to just 25 percent of their original stake.

Now, they’ve sold it all.

Yep. The Richard Costolo 2001 Living Trust and Lorin Costolo 2001 Living Trust (named after Costolo’s wife) now has zero Twitter shares, having sold their final tranche of 141,730 Twitter shares on December 15th for $5.32 million.

Overall the trust made $22.62 million from their liquidation.

Costolo still owns 36,028 Twitter shares himself, plus 509,828 unvested restricted stock units and 8.52 million options.

“Dick has sold shares under a plan filed in the summer and his total sales represent less than 10 percent of his total equity in Twitter,” said Jim Prosser, Twitter spokesman.

(Source: Bloomberg.)

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