61% Of Decision Makers Use Twitter As A Business And Marketing Tool [STUDY]

New research by CNBC has revealed that the use of Twitter amongst business leaders and decision makers has almost doubled in a year.

The survey, which polled a sample of European executives in how they use social media platforms and technology, observed that the use of Twitter as a business and marketing tool is up to 61%, versus 31% just 12 months ago.

61% of those polled also believe that social networking has changed the way that business is done.

While Facebook remains the most popular social network amongst all users, it’s losing favour in the business world, with the number of senior executives with accounts decreasing from 81% to 71% year-on-year. LinkedIn’s popularity has risen from 52% to 56%. Twitter is up to 38%, with 18% of executives using all three networks.

Other key findings from the report:

  • The iPhone remains the most popular mobile device amongst execs – ownership has increased to 21% from 19% year-on-year
  • The iPad is now owned by 15% of European decision makers
  • Social networking apps are used by 39% of those polled

“Europe’s business elite is striving to keep up with advancements in technology, reflected with an uptake in mobile devices, apps, and use of social networks blurring the lines between work and home-life. They increasingly see the value of social media in business and are actively using these new technologies as an everyday business tool,” said Mike Jeanes, director of research at CNBC.

(Source: CNBC.)