Twitter Explodes on Baseball’s Most Exciting Regular Season Finale

What I would argue is the greatest asset of twitter is its ability to unite people all around the world who experiencing the same thing at the exact same time. Twitter is most exciting during the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and certainly would have been ever so entertaining during the O.J. Simpson car chase down the Los Angeles freeway had it been around then.

Last night, on the final day of the baseball regular season, Twitter proved its worth one more time, as a trio of exciting finishes to led to an eruption of emotions online, ranging from shock and awe, to appreciation, excitement, and sheer sadness. People around the world were watching dramatic and unforeseen sporting events unfold at the same time—wherever you were, with Twitter, you weren’t alone and sharing such moments are a part of sports fandom.

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap. In the N.L., the Cardinals and Braves were tied for the Wild Card, and in the A.L. the Red Sox and the Rays were tied as well. Cardinals won in a blow out early, but the Braves went 13 innings before losing at home. Not too long after that, the Red Sox blew a ninth inning lead to the Orioles, and then lost to Baltimore on a game-winning walk-off single. Minutes after that, the Rays (playing in the 12th inning thanks to a seven-run comeback capped off by a home run from unknown Dan Johnson with two outs and two strikes in the ninth), closed the evening with a home run, a win, and a wild card berth.

Here are some of the most compelling tweets as things unfolded from the certainly the most compelling night in baseball in the Twitter era. Some of the tweeters here include passionate Red Sox fan and ‘Sports Guy’ Bill Simmons, ESPN baseball writer Jayson Stark, and many other sports journalists. Follow along in the final hour as Simmons and company react to the Johnson home run, then the Red Sox collapse, and at last the Rays victory.

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons

My God.

jaysonst Jayson Stark

I don’t know what I’m more grateful for right now – baseball, cable TV or the clicker. But what a night for all 3!

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons

jaysonst Jayson Stark

I’ll say this about Dan Johnson. He sure can pick a spot to hit a home run.

jquintong James Quintong

Before tonight, Dan Johnson’s last hit in the majors was April 27.

MrTonySays Mr Tony Kornheiser

Somewhere at this moment, @Kurkjian_ESPN‘s head is exploding. #MLB

WhitlockJason Jason Whitlock

Wow. This is unreal.

TheCousinSal Cousin Sal

Holy Bucking sh$@!!!!!

JayOnrait Jay Onrait


WhitlockJason Jason Whitlock

Jeezuz f–king christ! Baseball!!

stephen_sweet Stephen Sweet

Wow. Unbelievable.

AroundTheHorn Tony Reali

There are no words.

andyroddick andyroddick

Unreal night in baseball. Did the last 4 minutes really just happen live??


If you live anywhere near a nuclear power plant in
Atlanta or Boston: Run. RUN NOW. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE” #braves #redsox

GlobeMazz Tony Massarotti

FYI: Red Sox are 77-0 this year when leading through 8 innings

ShiDavidi Shi Davidi

Baseball in 5772 off to an epic start. Shana tova to all who celebrate.

jaysonst Jayson Stark

Brilliant observation from my son: If games were 8 innings not 9, Braves & Red Sox would have won & Rays would have been done for the year

mckennaconor Conor McKenna

and now, somewhere in Africa an entire village is about to be clothed in Boston Red Sox 2011 Wild Card memorabilia.

LeBatardShow Dan LeBatard Show

Really enjoying Anderson Cooper on Letterman. Miss anything in sports tonight?

vallogolfer Morgan Bell

Time for bed, watching my twitter timeline is awesome! #greatnightinsports #mlb

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