Twitter for Windows 10 on Mobile Now Available

With this release, users can send group direct messages, capture, edit and tweet videos, and more.

Twitter has announced the launch of Twitter for Windows 10 on mobile phones, following its release on desktop and tablets.

With this release, Twitter said it has added features which make sharing content, as well as content discovery, ‘more seamless than ever.’ Specifically, users can send group direct messages, capture, edit and tweet videos, share tweets with their own thoughts via ‘quote’ tweets and view the platform’s top tweets without logging in. Users can also browse Moments, Twitter’s content hubs for trending stories.

In addition, a dark visual theme is now available in Twitter for Windows 10. Users can change their theme by going to Settings > Personalization.

In a blog post, Angela Lam, product designer at Twitter, described the process of designing Twitter for Windows 10 on mobile:

When bringing the app to mobile phones we carefully considered each section of Twitter and how the user interaction translates from desktops and tablets. We found that 90 percent of the UI and interaction models could be shared from these devices to mobile phones, but there were places where we decided to make adjustments to optimize for each. For example, take Moments. On mobile, the smaller screen lends itself more to a full-screen and immersive experience:

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile

But while full-screen paging with swipe navigation is easy and delightful on mobile devices, it’s a pain point when using a mouse to click through. On larger screens for desktop and tablets, it made sense to present the information in a grid layout:

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile 2

Twitter for Windows 10 is available to download for free on the Windows Store.

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