Interest in #Twitter is Declining Worldwide (But #Instagram Has Never Been More Popular)

Interest in #Twitter is Declining Worldwide (But #Instagram Has Never Been More Popular)

Twitter hasn’t had the best of years. The stock price has crumbled, analysts are calling for CEO Dick Costolo’s head and the platform is still struggling to find and retain new users.

I have some more bad news: general interest in Twitter worldwide is also very much on the descent, whereas interest in rival Instagram has never been greater.

Thanks to Google Trends, it’s easy to look at how much interest anything has generated over time – you simply head on over and type in your search term. If we enter Twitter as our search, Google rates its current interest as 58 out of a maximum of 100 points.

Twitter reached 100 in December 2012 – that was the point when global searches for the term “Twitter” were at their absolute peak. However, since then it’s fallen dramatically, and its current score places Twitter at its lowest interest point since March 2011.

Instagram, meanwhile, rates a 44 at the moment. Yes, that’s lower than Twitter, but it’s essentially as good as Instagram’s ever been (it reached a 45 in August 2014).

Back in December 2012 when Twitter was at its high, Instagram scored just a 16. It’s almost tripled since then, while Twitter has fallen by 42 percent.

Check the chart below for more details.

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