Twitter Is Getting Serious About Battling Spam

If you follow iconic Twitter account @TweetSmarter, you have no doubt noticed the abundance of scams and spam hitting Twitter lately. But while TweetSmarter tries to alert you to the latest scams, they can’t cover it all – which is why Twitter itself needs to step up its spam-fighting efforts.

The Next Web noticed that Twitter added a new job opening earlier today, for a full-time software engineer to work on its anti-spam team.

From the sounds of the description, Twitter is looking for more than one engineer to fill this position. The ideal candidate would be “excited about thwarting the ever-evolving tactics of attackers and helping to make Twitter a great experience for our users.”

And the successful candidates would be brought on to Twitter’s Trust and Safety Engineering Team, described as:

…a small, tight-knit group working on the frontiers of online spam and policy, and diligently defending the safety and privacy of our users. We cook up anti-spam science, write tools for trust agents, implement policies on the product, and write services for abuse investigation and response. We fend off attacks by performing real-time searches over data sets in the billions, and we take decisive action with extreme prudence. Also, we sometimes go the zoo.

Spam is a pretty big problem on Twitter, as nefarious types try to phish for your personal details or get you to fill out a survey to earn themselves some money. They’ve hijacked popular topics like Justin Bieber and take over real Twitter accounts to spread their malicious message.

The hiring of more engineers is good news for those of us who see DM and @mention spam in our timelines on a regular basis. Although Twitter already has a team in place battling spam, adding full-time engineers to the mix will be a welcome addition.

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Hat tip: The Next Web

Image courtesy of FuzzBones via Shutterstock