What Does Your Twitter Landing Page Look Like?

Great Twitter marketing doesn’t happen in a silo. Your customers have more than one touchpoint with your brand – they interact with your tweets, but they also visit your website, check out your Facebook page and read reviews on Google+.

To connect with your Twitter followers when they visit your brand off Twitter, you might want to consider building a Twitter landing page.

A Twitter landing page is a section of your website built for people visiting you directly from Twitter. Its main purpose is to guide inbound traffic from your Twitter profile toward taking an action – signing up for your newsletter, downloading your white paper, or maintaining their connection with your brand in any number of ways.

Twitter offers the ability to include a website link in your profile, so this is the perfect place to advertise your Twitter landing page. You can also tweet it periodically, to remind your followers to check it out.

If you are using Twitter for any type of marketing, a landing page can help you convert Twitter followers into leads. Because it is designed solely for visitors from your Twitter profile, you can laser-target the messaging to offer them value at the same time as you collect their contact information.

They key to a good Twitter landing page, as opposed to a brand’s homepage, is that it is highly targeted. If you take a look at your homepage now, chances are the messaging is generic and a bit unfocused – and this is the way it has to be. A homepage is designed to capture as many visitors as possible. A landing page, on the other hand, is designed to capture a smaller subset of specific visitors.

Here are the two essential elements of any good Twitter landing page:

1. Some “About” information. Imagine someone followed you as a result of seeing a conversation between your brand and an account they already follow. They head over to your profile page, give a cursory glance at your tweets, and immediately click the link in your profile. They probably don’t have a lot of information about you, your business, or your brand at this point, so it’s up to you to educate them. Make sure it’s clear who you are, or what your brand is, on your Twitter landing page.

2. A call to action. No landing page is complete without a call to action. Whether you’re building an email list or distributing an ebook, you want to get your Twitter audience to do something. Be specific about this action, and you’ll be more likely to see results.

And some optional elements that many businesses choose to include:

  • Links to other social media accounts
  • Special “Twitter-only” deals or offers
  • A description of what your Twitter account’s purpose is
  • A list of your greatest content

Keep in mind that every visitor to this page will be coming from Twitter. They will be used to interacting with your brand in a certain way, and your landing page should reflect that.

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