Twitter Launches Official Partner Program

The new program aims to connect marketers with trusted, high quality service providers to help companies create more effective Twitter marketing campaigns.

It’s been two years since Twitter launched its advertising API and the partners using the platform have been refining the advertising process on Twitter. Last year the the partnership offerings were expanded, with the introduction of the marketing platform program, and recently Twitter announced its latest offering: the official partner program.

The partner program now connects advertisers and marketers with other companies through a marketplace that allows users to search for the expertise they need for their campaigns.

The program intends to leverage the expertise of experienced Twitter advertisers to increase campaign performance, provide deeper insights, and make marketing more efficient for marketers trying to get greater value out of their Twitter campaigns.

According to Jamie Tedford, CEO of Brand Networks, the company’s success on Twitter is a direct result of Twitter’s commitment to creating better solutions for marketers. He added:

Twitter’s product innovation and scale make it a truly unique and powerful channel for marketers….Most importantly, Twitter enables us to fulfill our mission of empowering advertisers to reach the right audience with the most relevant content at the right time.

Members of the partner program are rated across eight competencies, which identify areas of expertise. These areas include analytics, engagement, audience data-provider, and consulting and agency services.

Currently Twitter has only admitted companies that provide the highest quality solutions; however, the company is searching for new, innovative partners to add to the program. Companies already involved like Brandwatch, a social media listening and analytics platform, are excited for the opportunities they see in the future.

Brandwatch CMO Will McInnes thinks this program is indicative of how far the social data industry has come:

We’re finding ourselves able to more easily define what we do and why we do it, despite being in a once-niche and underestimated place in the technology and marketing industry. Slowly but surely, even everyday consumers are starting to understand the power and business need of social data and technologies.

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