Twitter Launches New Ad Product: Promoted Tweets In Everyone’s Timeline

Twitter has just expanded its advertising solution in a big way. Now, rather than delivering ads only in connection to Promoted Trends and search results, Twitter will display ads in more users’ timelines by showing Promoted Tweets made by the specific brands they already follow.

Called Promoted Tweets to Followers, this new service will significantly increase the number of ads available to brands, and the number of ads Twitter users will see.

Promoted Tweets to Followers was rumored to be in the works late last month.

Today, Twitter has officially announced the new ad product on their blog:

“That’s why starting today, we’re introducing a way to ensure that the most important Tweets from the organizations you follow reach you directly, by placing them at or near the top of your timeline. These Promoted Tweets will scroll through the timeline like any other Tweet, and like regular Tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once. Promoted Tweets can also be easily dismissed from your timeline with a single click.”

This means that if you’re following a brand, business or charitable organization on Twitter, you’re now more likely to see a Promoted Tweet from them appear in your timeline. These tweets will only be delivered to current followers of a participating brand.

The new product is launching with a small group of test partners, including Best Western, HBO, LivingSocial, Xbox, Starbucks, The American Red Cross and Virgin America.

So what do you think about more ads in your timeline? Are you looking forward to seeing more content from the brands you follow, or is it an intrusion? Let us know in the comments!

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