Twitter Mobile Data Usage Grew By 300% In The First Half Of 2011

Mobile data use has been booming lately, according to a new report from Allot Communications. The first half of 2011 saw a 77 percent increase in mobile data usage across the board, with Twitter leading the pack in terms of mobile uptake – at a whopping 300 percent increase over the first half of the year.

The report collected data from Allot’s worldwide mobile operator customers over the course of the first half of 2011.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, video streaming on mobile devices was one of the fastest growing sectors, and was the single largest type of application taking up bandwidth, accounting for just under 40 percent of total mobile bandwidth.

VoIP and IM, while only having a small impact on the overall amount of bandwidth used, saw fast growth with 101 percent increase.

But when it comes to mobile data usage, people just love their social networks.

Facebook and Twitter are the two leaders in mobile social networking according to this study, but – unlike in other areas – Facebook is not king: Facebook saw a 166 percent growth in mobile usage over the last six months, while Twitter saw a massive 297 percent increase.

This is a big deal for Twitter, as mobile is where it has the chance to outshine both Facebook and Google+ in terms of usability. It was designed with mobile text messaging in mind (140 characters + 20 for a username is the length of a standard text message), and it stands to be the main social application for people on the go.

Do you use Twitter more than Facebook when you’re on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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