Who Are The Biggest Twitter Stars In Music, TV And Sports? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 14 profiles on Twitter each have more than 10 million followers?

Yep, they’re all celebrities or world figures, as you might have guessed (with one exception: YouTube), and while there is inevitably some crossover, collectively they command an audience of almost two hundred million users.

Here’s one curio that has remained surprisingly constant: the very top of Twitter’s most popular list skews heavily towards the female luminaries of popular music, with seven of the top ten being ladies who have racked up chart success. But what about the major players in television and sports? Who rules the roost there?

This infographic from eCampus takes a closer look at Twitter’s major players in music, TV and sports, and while the numbers are a little behind the curve, it’s a nice reminder of just how big Twitter has become in a very brief period of time, and why it’s oh-so-important to the stars and starlets of today’s crazy, showbiz-obsessed world.

(Source: eCampus. Gold star image via Shutterstock.)