Twitter Photos: Why You Should Think Before You Post

Twitter can sometimes be a place of TMI – too much information. When I’m consulting clients on why they should be on Twitter, the biggest and most common complaint I receive is that they can’t stand the thought of having to read what people are watching, reading or eating. I always explain to them that while there are people like that, you do not have to follow them, and that is not what Twitter is all about. Or can be, anyway.

Which is what got me thinking about Twitter photos and how you should watch what you post as much as watch what you say. After all, anyone can see it now and probably forever, so think carefully about how you want your image perceived.

Recently, Huffington Post featured a slideshow of celebs that had tweeted photos from the dentist chair, a place that I think should be kept as private as the bathroom, though that hasn’t stopped celebs either – Livia Firth tweeted a photo of Rihanna in the bathroom and Demi Moore can’t stop the photo madness in her powder room.

And people got extremely upset when Serena Williams posted a picture of herself in her underwear and Megan McCain posted a pic showing a lot of cleavage (although TV crime shows and the local news show so much more, don’t you think?).

But it’s not just celebrities who are guilty of this overindulgence via their iPhones and Canon SLRs. SelimB has posted nude photos, which might not be a problem now, but if she ever wants to get that job at that hedge fund company, it could be a problem. And it’s not always of a scandalous nature either. Sometimes it’s just weird like Glenn, who took a picture of a bag of unpopped popcorn or this strange photo of stained sweatpants.

So I came up with a list of rules to follow in case you are about to post a photo with TMI:

– No nudity or revealing shots. This goes for both girls and guys. Save that for intimate moments, not broadcasted for everyone to see. It takes away the specialness of it, don’t you think?

– Is this something you wouldn’t mind your parents or grandparents seeing? Then go ahead and post it. If not, hold off and share it with just your besties, if you can’t keep it to yourself.

– This picture reveals something about you – either what you eat, what you wear, who you hang out with, what you listen to or something you or someone else has done/made/said. Make sure that it’s something positive not only about yourself but for others too. Not that you have to set an example for others, but that would be a nice bonus, wouldn’t it?

These rules don’t cover things like shooting everything you eat, close ups of your favourite cars or your obsession with ballet. But you get the idea…