Twitter Users Who See Political Ads Are 97% More Likely To Visit A Campaign Donation Page [STATS]

Twitter is quickly turning into a political machine. Politicians are tweeting campaign slogans, behind-the-scenes pictures and calls-to-action for citizens to go out and vote.

And now Twitter is entering the coveted political donation arena. New stats from Twitter Advertising show that users who see paid advertising from politicians visit campaign donation websites 97 percent more frequently than those who don’t.

The Twitter Advertising blog released a study looking at how effective political advertising is in 140-characters or less.

Twitter users in general appear to be more politically active than regular internet users, being 68 percent more likely to visit a campaign donation page than someone who isn’t on Twitter.
And when a Twitter user sees a political tweet – either from a political account they follow, a retweet, a Promoted Tweet or through search – they become 97 percent more likely than the average Twitter user to click over to a donation page.

Interestingly, seeing political tweets motivates people to visit donation pages more frequently than simply visiting a regular political website. Twitter takes this to mean that tweets “don’t just drive Twitter users to political sites, Tweets drive people to these sites with a greater intent to donate.”

And increasing the frequency of political tweet exposure increases the likelihood that a user will visit a donation page. If someone sees political tweets for between 3-7 days, they become 31 percent more likely to donate than those who only saw a political tweet on a single day; those who see 8 or more political tweets are 76 percent more likely to donate than those who saw fewer than 7 tweets.

Twitter explains that political party affiliation doesn’t really affect the rate of donation at all, indicating that everyone user is a political animal at heart:

“…the lifts in donation rates by Twitter users were found to be very similar across all candidates, groups and parties. Republican handles accelerated donations to their candidates at virtually the same rate as Democratic handles did for theirs. “

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