Have You Seen Twitter’s New Profile Directory Yet?

Twitter has quietly launched a Profiles Directory meant to organize every single Twitter user alphabetically by name.

Similar to Facebook’s People Directory, the Profiles Directory lists Twitter users alphabetically by the first name that they’ve included in their profile under their “Full Name”.

Although Twitter does say you can use the Profiles Directory to “browse public Twitter profiles alphabetically by name”, the several hundred million names that Twitter has to categorize means that the directory probably won’t be all that useful to the average user.

If you’re researching a particular person to see what their Twitter handle is, you might enjoy digging through the directory (although a Google search might be more helpful). For the most part, this directory will be used by search engines to discover all of the accounts on the network.

You can visit the Profiles Directory and see if your name has been added yet, but it’ll take a few clicks to drill down through the many millions of names if you really want to find yourself.

The directory includes English names, as well as non-English names, categorized by number rather than by letter (so these will be even harder to sort through!).

Twitter experimented with a “Directory” tab in its older profile design, but at the time it functioned more like a people search than directory.

(Directory image via Shutterstock)

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