Three Ways Twitter’s Promoted Trends Drive Business Outcomes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is it worth your money to purchase a Promoted Trend on Twitter?

In other words, does a day of trending on Twitter directly affect your brand objectives?

Twitter’s Advertising Team put together the following infographic that breaks down the benefits of Promoted Trends into three buckets.

Twitter analyzed 35 randomly-selected Promoted Trends running in 2012 and 2013, controlling for industry vertical, day of week and advertiser objective.

The graphic highlights three ways Promoted Trends drive business outcomes: 1. increased brand advocacy, 2. greater purchase consideration and 3. long-term impact on earned media.

Key stats:

– Consumers were 151% more likely to tweet about considering a product after Promoted Trend exposure.

– In the 14 days following Promoted Trend exposure, Twitter users produced 22% more conversations about the advertised brand compared to the two weeks before exposure.

– Even three weeks after a Promoted Trend ran, advertisers saw a 20% lift in brand mentions, 22% lift in positive mentions and 10% lift in retweets.

(Source: Twitter.)

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