Saudi Cleric: Twitter is ‘evil’

Saudi Cleric: Twitter is 'evil'

A top cleric in Saudi Arabia has condemned Twitter as evil, criticising the social networking site for attacking Islam.

Speaking on his “Fatwa” television show that was broadcast late Monday, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh cited Twitter as “the repository of scourge and evil and the source of lies and falsehoods”, claiming that it is used to “promote lies, backbite and gossip and to slander Islam”.

Al Shaikh is Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, the highest official of religious law in the country.

“Some of the users know only how to attack others and make accusations and lies, and there are unfortunately people encouraging such tendencies. These are not the high morals that Muslims should have and I call upon all people to contemplate seriously what they write before they post their tweets,” he said.

Twitter is popular throughout Saudi Arabia and but the region has a controversial history with the platform.

“Twitter is now being used to attack Islam and its imperatives and prohibitions,” said Al Shaikh. “It has been turned into a place for evil and scourge, and it would have been beneficial if it had been used properly. Regrettably, such technologies have been misused in trivial matters. We must guard against God and not listen to all that is being said.”

(Source: Gulf News. Twitter image via Shutterstock.)

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