Twitter Sites Where You Can Dish on Traffic, What You’re Eating and Gain A Little Peace

You probably use Twitter for about 3 things:

– talking about things that interest you

– connecting with friends and colleagues

– promoting yourself and/or your work

But I’m here to tell you that there is so much more that you can do on Twitter. Come and take a look!

Commuter Feed

Many of us are spending more time commuting than ever. And even if your drive isn’t longer, traffic is more congested, so your time going to and from work, especially if you live in Mexico City, Beijing or Los Angeles, has become more fraught with anxiety.

One way to quell your angst and feel more in control is Commuter Feed, a free service that “lets you post reports on traffic and transit delays in your local area using Twitter.”

There was a problem in Las Vegas on Saturday night, but thanks to LasVegasWeather, you could avoid it thanks to this tweet: “On S 3rd St At E Carson Ave: Incident On S 3rd St At E Carson Ave. Allow Extra Time. Traffic Probl…

It’s a little thing, but it could make a huge difference in your day.

Tweet What You Eat

Twitter offers those of us obsessed with food one more outlet in which to dish about ingredients, restaurants and what we’re making at home.  In fact, there are few tweets I love more than food ones where people ask what you’re making for dinner or recommending a recipe for Pad Thai that 10 times easier than the one you’ve been using for decades.

So Tweet What You Eat is just kind of an extension of that, except with a detailing of days of what people eat  that will have you drooling all over your keyboard. It also reveals a lot about the folks themselves:

Hannah Silver who had a burger and salad for breakfast and a rich combination of Marinated lamb and sweet potato gratin for lunch. My kinda gal!

Dolly Goggles likes having a lovely dinner of egg noodles with vegetables and black bean finished with a white wine cooler and elderberry & white grape spritzer. On Friday, she had a vitamin Green Tea drink and miso soup. Fighting a cold, perhaps?

The other sweet feature is that while you can enter in the calories of the foods you know, something called CrowdCal will fill in the rest. Which means you can not only track your food, but your weight.

Might be something to think about as we approach the winter months…

Inner Twitter

Ever feel like you need to slow down, take a breath, think about nothing for just a few moments instead of your to-do list that never shrinks or your inbox that is bulging from neglect because you seem to have meetings scheduled every moment of the day?

Inner Twitter – still in beta – won’t lessen your inbox or to-do list any, but it will help you feel better about it all. You set it to chime at whatever interval you choose – every 15 minutes or once day. It takes a few steps to sign up, but after that, you’ll receive your chime. This is your reminder to stop what you’re doing and breathe, meditate or just tune into how your feeling.

Ahhh, that’s better, isn’t it?

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