Twitter Turns #BayAreaStorm Into One Big Joke

Throughout the storms and flooding in the Bay Area yesterday, Twitter remained in good spirits as East- and West-coasters mocked each other.

One of the best uses for social media, specifically Twitter, is breaking news. It works especially well for weather alerts — which is why watching #BayAreaStorm trend all day yesterday was the most entertaining thing a New Yorker could do. There were two kinds of Bay Area folk yesterday: those who were really freaking out about the storm and those who knew their friends on the East Coast were making fun of them.

Watchup’s Adriano Farano, true to form, was capturing great video:

Then, there were logistics to think about:

And of course, the really good advice from the other coast:

And so it goes. Here’s to staying safe in the flooding, wishing against mudslides, and whatever you do, please protect the wine, because we like it over here:

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