Here’s How You Can Send Money to a Friend Via Twitter (in France)

Here's How You Can Send Money to a Friend Via Twitter (in France)

On Monday we reported on news that Groupe BPCE, one of France’s leading banks, has developed a way to transfer money via a tweet.

Here’s how it works.

The payments are managed by BPCE’s S-Money mobile payment facility, linked up to Twitter’s API. This isn’t an official partnership with Twitter – all the work has been done on BPCE’s end.

Anyone with a bank account in France and an active Twitter profile can use the service, which is free. To begin, simply download BPCE’s S-Money App from the the iTunes or Google Play stores. Next, complete your credit card info and connect your Twitter account.

Users can send a maximum of 250 euros to individuals and 500 euros to organisations involved in fundraising campaigns.

To actually send money you need to tweet using specific symbols and words. Check the tweet below for an example:

Fail to get the symbols and words right and you will have your payment rejected (for example, you cannot spell out “euros”). Additionally, it’s important to note that these transactions are visible as public tweets, so you need to be comfortable disclosing that you’re moving money.

“This innovation opens up numerous opportunities in the payments field: charitable donations, crowdfunding in all its forms, ticketing, cash-back programmes, etc.,” said S-money chief executive Nicolas Chatillon.

“We salute the spirit of innovation of the BPCE,” said Olivier Gonzalez, head of Twitter France.

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