New #Twitter Video Launching Soon

New #Twitter Video Launching Soon

Twitter’s new video product, which will allow users to record, edit and post video directly through the Twitter mobile app, will launch in the next few weeks, according to people familiar with the matter.

Currently the only way to share video directly on Twitter is through the Twitter-owned Vine, which supports videos up to six seconds in length.

While Twitter’s video product will likely be similar to Vine, insiders say that Twitter has experimented with clips of up to 20 seconds.

It’s also expected that the new videos will include autoplay functionality, as we reported last month.

Built-in video has been huge for Facebook – video views on the platform now exceed one billion clips per day, which rivals (and in some cases beats) YouTube.

Twitter will be hoping for a similar high level of impact with its video product.

Additionally, video ads on Twitter are comparatively very inexpensive compared to other social platforms – about two cents per view compared to one dollar elsewhere. Hence, autoplaying video ads would be very attractive for brands and could be very lucrative for Twitter.

“Think about what they would be able to do for the [Twitter] Amplify product,” one insider recently said. “They’d be able to sell on it like crazy.”

(Source: Recode.)

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